RECORD HIGH: 83 (1963)
RECORD LOW: 23 (1999)

SUNRISE: 7:19 a.m.
SUNSET: 6:07 p.m.

Sunshine and unseasonably warmer temperatures are coming back -- just in time for the weekend!

After a cloudy start Friday morning, the sky gradually clears into Friday afternoon for sunshine and warmer temperatures topping out at around 70 degrees. Week 9 -- the final week of the regular season for high school football -- kicks off Friday night around mid- Illinois with nearly clear skies and mild game time temperatures in the mid- to upper 50's.

A weak cold front slides through the area rain free early Saturday morning with little more than a few clouds and a shift to northwesterly winds. Cooler air lags well behind the front and will help drop nighttime temperatures into the 40's. Otherwise, full days of sunshine both Saturday and Sunday afternoon overcome the effects of northwesterly winds and surge of cooler air to boost daytime temperatures well into the 70's each day.

Temperatures stay rather warm Monday before a stronger cold front brings rain chances late Monday night into early Tuesday morning. If the front slows down and arrives later in the day Tuesday, there will be the potential of some thunderstorms developing along the front as it pushes into a warm and humid air mass. Once the rain chances end, quiet weather and cooler temperatures return by mid-week across central Illinois.

THE 7-DAY TEMPERATURE OUTLOOK: Look for highs in the lower to mid- 70's Friday through Monday; mid- 60's Tuesday; and, upper 50's and lower 60's Wednesday and Thursday. Overnight lows will drop to the mid- 50's Friday night; mid- 40's Saturday night; near 60 Sunday and Monday night; and, lower to mid- 40's Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Joe Crain

Storm Team 20 Meteorologist
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Thursday Night Lights

2014 TNL - Marshall vs. Holmes at Gustafson Stadium

Game Schedule - Stadium Location Map

08/28 7:00 Clark14vs.   Churchill35 Play Video
09/04 7:00 Smithson Valley10vs.   Brennan41 Play Video
09/11 7:00 Samuel Clemens17vs.   Stevens0 Play Video
09/18 7:00 Antonian0vs.   Boerne High School34 Play Video
09/25 7:00 John Jay32vs.   O'Connor50 Play Video
10/09 7:00 Highlands0vs.   Sam Houston48 Play Video
10/16 7:00 McCollum28vs.   Brackenridge44 Play Video
10/23 7:00 Marshall48vs.   Holmes14
10/30 7:00 Warren-vs.   Taft-
11/06 7:00 Johnson-vs.   MacArthur-


08/29 7:00 Roosevelt39vs. Stevens27 Play Video
09/12 7:00 Kerrville Tivy7vs. Steele49 Play Video
09/19 7:00 Smithson Valley47vs. Madison20 Play Video
09/26 7:00 Highlands21vs. Burbank43 Play Video
10/03 7:00 Holmes6vs. Warren56 Play Video
10/10 7:00 Jefferson14vs. Lanier20 Play Video
10/17 7:00 John Jay21vs. Clark23 Play Video
10/24 7:00 Southside14vs. Harlandale21 Play Video
10/31 7:00 Marshall6vs. Brandeis50 Play Video
11/07 7:00 Churchill31vs. Robert E. Lee18 Play Video
01/04 5:00 All-Stars West35vs. All-Stars East53 Play Video

TNL 2012 Season

08/30 7:00 Warren29vs.   MacArthur0   Play Video
09/06 7:00 Alamo Heights28vs.   Clark10 Play Video
09/13 7:00 Pleasanton42vs.   Lanier7 Play Video
09/20 7:00 Holmes45vs.   Marshall14 Play Video
09/27 7:00 Brandeis43vs.   Stevens7 Play Video
10/04 7:00 Brennan42vs.   Brackenridge21 Play Video
10/11 7:00 John Jay42vs.   Taft21 Play Video
10/18 7:00 Southwest21vs.   East Central52 Play Video
10/25 7:00 East Central0  vs.   Steele28 Play Video
11/01 7:00 Canyon Lake16vs.   Boerne43 Play Video


08/25 7:00 Churchill38vs.   Clark14 Play Video
09/08 7:00 Seguin7vs.   East Central49 Play Video
09/15 7:00 Southwest24vs.   Steele49 Play Video
09/22 7:00 O'Connor27vs.   Taft3 Play Video
09/29 7:00 Brackenridge44vs.   Kennedy20 Play Video
10/06 7:00 Taft14vs.   Marshall17 Play Video
10/13 7:00 Pleasanton14vs.   Sam Houston31 Play Video
10/20 7:00 Holmes8vs.   Stevens37 Play Video
10/27 7:00 Edison28vs.   Lanier35 Play Video
11/03 7:00 Judson34vs.   New Braunfels17 Play Video

TNL 2010 Season

08/26 7:00 Clark7Churchill21 Play Video
09/09 7:00 Harlandale34Burbank0 Play Video
09/16 7:00 Smithson Valley28Wagner21 Play Video
09/23 7:00 Brackenridge35Southside38 Play Video
09/30 7:00 Boerne Champion45Brennan14 Play Video
10/07 7:00 Seguin6Steele47 Play Video
10/14 7:00 East Central31Southwest24 Play Video
10/21 7:00 Southside21Edison20 Play Video
10/28 7:00 Jefferson21Kennedy3 Play Video
11/04 7:00 Jay9Brandeis22 Play Video

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