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First Warning Weather

Hot, Dry Weather Returns

Finally saw some rain after 30 long dry days.  Scattered showers will continue to move through the region this evening.  We also had our first 100 degree day this summer.  The thermometer crossed over into triple digit territory at 3:08pm. 


Saturday morning will start out with low clouds and temperatures from 77-80 degrees.  Rain chances will be on the way out as drier air moves into the region.  Mid-morning temperatures will be in the 80s as clouds evaporate out.  High pressure will continue to control the weather pattern and shutting down the rain making process. Lunchtime temperatures will cross over into the 90s.  The afternoon will bring east to northeast winds and drier air into the region.  This will make for most sunny skies and temperatures soaring up to near 100 degrees.  Saturday evening will be slow to cool down with temperatures into the low 90s to upper 80s by mid-evening.

High pressure will center up over the plains.  This will bring a return of the hot and dry weather pattern to the state.  The first week of August is typically one of the hottest times of the year and this year will be no different.  We could easily see several 100 degree days in a row with little chance for rain.

Join Mike Hernandez on Fox News at Nine, he'll show you what the first week of August will bring.


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